StackExchange goes Free Ning goes Premium, will save us all?

 So, I found it quite interesting that the premium StackExchange, the Software as a Service offering from the makers of StackOverflow, was axed in favor of a free only approach. Then, a short time thereafter, popular SaaS community site Ning decided to do the exact opposite. They are shutting down the free sites, and "doubling-down" on the premium sites. Now, StackExchange had some major problems, chief among them the $125-500/month minimum price tag. Yet, why the move in disparate directions for companies which provide somewhat similar services (community hosting/building). I believe right now is really a time in which Social Web, or Web 2.0 if you wish to call it that, is really going to find its direction and footing. I hope Drupal Gardens gains a strong foothold, because my experience with it after using it in both alpha (back when it was Acquia Gardens) and beta has been wonderful. Of course, D7 is a pretty wonderful change just by itself. 

Meanwhile, I wish to share with you dear readers, a new site I happened across, which of course is hosted on Drupal! Check out Drumbeat from the Mozilla Foundation. Can it make the world a better place? Only time will tell if it changes directions too.

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